About ténax

ténax is one of the biggest printers of its kind in Europe. With a high quality of machinery, we are one of the leading companies in printing.

The following products are among those we print:

Printing aerosols

Printing technical products

Printing bottles

Printing dispensers

Printing jars


ténax solves printing problems. Together with the client, the agent, the plastics manufacturer and the designer, we map out the specific requirements and study the possibilities.

ténax realises fantastic printing orders that others would have given up on. ténax is the first in Europe to have a K15 - a six-colour carrousel that enables us to print six colours in line, without fitting cam. We also use Vision Control, a photographic quality control system that gives us permanent inline control of the end product.

Thanks to continuous innovations and our forty years of experience, we are one of the biggest of our kind in Europe. Our R&D department regularly adjusts printing machines specifically for unique printing orders. We come into our own especially when solving seemingly impossibilities.

ténax impresses!

Our proces

ténax attaches very high requirements to the quality of its products. The final quality of the printed product is influenced in the early stages of the process. For quality assurance reasons, ténax developed its own Circle to Impress.

Circle to Impress

Artwork - the correct layout of the artwork is vital if you want the best possible end result

Tooling - these are the components that need to be specifically made for each product in order to print your product

Printing - there are various printing options. The desired end result determines the printing technique to be used

Fulfilment - after-care such as separate packaging is available

Warehousing - we can keep both printed and unprinted products in stock for you

Transport - we can arrange transport in order to get your products to the right location

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